Ragging On Lady Gaga & Kim Kardashian …

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Critics are famous for their uncensored opinions about, well, just about anything and everything, and I don’t know about you, but I come across more negative critique than positive while surfing the net. Now that we live in the age of technological communication, we’re not just privy to ‘professional’ commentary but ‘consumer’ or ‘public’ discourse also; the latter being so much more damaging should it be bent towards the negative. Case in point:-

A post from yesterday on Yahoo called ‘Mechanical Animal: Lady Gaga’s Insane Album Cover Is the Best Part of ‘Born This Way‘, written by Caryn Ganz, talks about singer, Lady Gaga’s recently unveiled album cover for ‘Born This Way’ (releasing May 23rd). Take a look at the cover…

Upon revelation, her global monster tribe were quick to tweet their comments of harsh disappointment which can be read by clicking on the article below:


Then there’s reality TV star of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, Kim Kardashian’s debut into the world of recorded music being met with condemnation by Lyndsey Parker who posted the below article on Yahoo called ‘Keeping Up With The Auto-Tune: Kim Kardashian Premieres Her Pop Song’, back on March 2nd:


No doubt that regardless of your personal opinion and whether you share their thoughts or not, the world of celebrity is subject to the onslaught of global critique from anyone who has a computer or mobile phone. I guess that’s one of the reasons why social media platforms are not just being utilized by the public, but by celebs as well – to soap box their perspectives for doing what they do. Food for thought. What’s you thought?

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2 Responses to “Ragging On Lady Gaga & Kim Kardashian …”

  1. Robert Ryckman says:

    Social networking has definitely opened up more doors and windows , if you like, to the once very private lives of celebrities. The slightest mistake they make, whether in fashion or in music, is all over the network sites and the fans and critics, eat it up. The glamour, fame and money; are they worth it, when you can\’t walk down the street, without some paparazzi shoving a camera in your face? I know this is the path they have chosen, but I think their privacy should be respected. Thanks.

  2. Raj Girn says:

    Hi Robert, thank you for your comment. I have to agree with your point re privacy. Yes, they have chosen this path for their profession but there has to be a no cross zone at some point because although they are public figures, they’re also human and deserve some semblance of respect for that!


    Raj XO

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