‘The Economist’ Reminded Me Of A Blog I Read A Couple Of Years Ago Called: “Transparency Is The New Objectivity”

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Hi My lovelies!

I just picked up the current issue of The Economist during my routine visit to Chapters (my local bookstore) with my son (who is due for some new reading material for the summer), and the cover caught my eye (as it usually does with its infamous illustrative design). The heading: ‘Back To The Coffee House: A 14-page special report on the future of news’. Being that I’m in the industry, I flipped directly to the special and read it intently, word by word from beginning to end. Although I could sit here and talk about any aspect of what was discussed, since it all appealed to me, one particular article has prompted today’s post, which can be read on page 14: ‘Impartiality: The Foxification of news’. For those of you who don’t purchase this publication, you can read it for free online at:  http://www.economist.com/node/18904112.

For those of you who are not familiar with where the quote “transparency is the new objectivity” is from (as stated in the title of this post), let me take a moment to tell you. It’s the title of an article written by technology commentator David Weinberger on his blog, ‘Joho The Blog!’ which you can read in its entirety at:  http://www.hyperorg.com/blogger/2009/07/19/transparency-is-the-new-objectivity/. For those of you who cant be bothered to read the full article (she said with politeness), here’s the point I’d like you to note – news media, like most anything in life, has gone through a cyclical transformation in terms of journalistic approach to telling the news – from what The Economist article refers to as ‘partisan’ in nature (bias) in the early days, to ‘objective’ perspectives during our lifetime (opinion free, born from the objective [pun intended] of corporations needing to appeal to the masses with their marketing messages and publishers objective to support this in order to garner revenue dollars in return), to what is now being referred to as (ref.: Weinberger’s definition), ‘transparent’ information (born from the advent of technological advancement and the fact that the consumer has now become an active participant in the news media arena by having the ability to provide opinion centric interaction through blogging and social platform mediums).

The article continues to hammer the point with a supportive quote by WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange: “Objectivity is a trust mechanism you rely on when your medium can’t do links. Now our medium can.” What he’s referring to is how technology has provided the consumer with the ability to source information (through links), thereby demanding accountability…I guess transparency is here to stay.

It’s about time!  I’d like to see how further technological integration into the mass communications industry affects the way our society morphs.

Until tomorrow my friends,
Raj XO

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