OPEN CHEST TV EP 9: Bollywood Superstar, Priyanka Chopra


Some people need no introduction but deserve one. Bollywood superstar, Priyanka IS that person!

Her tremendous journey is what fairy tales are made of. At the age of 17, she took the world by storm when she won the Miss World Contest in 2000. Then she was off to conquer Bollywood, & conquer she did, racking up a multitude of awards during her 10 years of dedication to her craft, with both critical acclaim & commercial success, rarely seen today. Films like ‘Fashion’ & ‘Barfi’, are just 2 examples of Priyanka’s contribution to the Indian film industry, showcasing the incredible diversity of her acting prowess which has garnered an enviable following, of literally millions of fans worldwide.

Now, as the first artist to be signed to a new collaborative music label by Universal Music & Desi Hits! formed to launch the careers of South Asian artists in the west, Priyanka has embarked on a music career, where her launch is considered to be the biggest in history for a South Asian artist in mainstream music. Backed by a powerhouse team that includes chairman of Interscope Jimmy Iovine, Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter & signed as mega talent agency, Creative Artists Management’s first ever Bollywood actor, there is no wonder that she has already began to receive accolades for her talent as a musical artist, garnering 2 nominations at this year’s, World Music Awards, taking place in Los Angeles.

Priyanka is a serial ‘game-changer’ having forged a path from 2000 until now, that is so unique that no one has managed to replicate in the past decade. She has reached global superstar status in the fields of beauty, film & now, is soaring high with her latest endeavour in mainstream music.

During ANOKHI’s 10th Anniversary Awards Show on February 2nd, 2013, Priyanka made a special appearance, during which time, I had the opportunity to chat with her on stage (my first live audience OPEN CHEST interview) about her foray into mainstream music.

Click below to watch what she had to say!

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2 Responses to “OPEN CHEST TV EP 9: Bollywood Superstar, Priyanka Chopra”

  1. Saraa says:

    Hi Raj,
    Its been a few months the Anokhi event, but i must say i’ve never had many opportunities like this to actually get a question answered, thank you so much for choosing me, and i look forward to many Anokhi events that will be held in Toronto.

  2. Raj Girn says:

    Ur welcome Saraa and I\\\’m glad u\\\’ll be at the next awards Show…STD Saturday February 1st 2014 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto!!!

    Raj G. XO

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