My Story

Hi, I’m glad you clicked on this page because it’s where you will truly get to know things about me that are indicative of my personal brand OPEN CHEST, but before we get there, here’s a little preface about why I decided to tell my story.

I came to the decision to do this after having exclusively interviewed celebrities and well-known personalities throughout my career. Don’t get me wrong, I love interviewing pop culture icons and each sensational story has something motivational to share. What I’ve realized as the years have gone on, however, is that I’ve been missing out on the inspiring stories of everyday people like me, who are doing extraordinary things. So, in order to motivate you all to reach out to me to OPEN CHEST your story, I decided to put myself in the same hot seat that I’m asking you to sit in by making it worth your while (hopefully), to hear my story, told the only way it can be – in the raw!

So, here it is as a two-part series . . .

Raj Girn in the Raw Part One: The Woman

Raj Girn in the Raw Part Two: The Entrepreneur

So now that you’ve read my story, I hope you’ll tell me yours by dropping me a line at [email protected], so we can have the opportunity to sit and chat about it in my OPEN CHEST INSPIRATION series, dedicated to sensational people like you and me :-)