OC TV: Actor, Gabe Grey

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Born in Karachi and raised in the Far East (Hong Kong, Taipei and Bangkok) before moving to Atlanta and then Toronto, Gabe Grey discovered his love for the performing arts at a young age. He played the clarinet and took part in high school drama programs. Upon graduating from high school, he decided to take the practical route and attend university. With a bachelor degree in biology in hand, Grey entered the corporate world as a laboratory equipment salesman.

A life altering experience turned out to be the divine intervention he needed to push him to pursue a passion he once took for a hobby — acting. Despite an atrocious audition, Grey landed a part in the Canadian production 30 Dates, much to which he credits FenStar (Fenulla Jiwani) for giving him his first serious acting role in the industry.

Grey garnered quite the portfolio in a relatively short span of time with his television debut on CBC’s The Border, a recurring role in Covert Affairs, in the second season of Global TV’s popular War World II drama Bomb Girls.

I had the opportunity to chat with the delish Gabe Grey on the eve of ANOKHI’s 11th Anniversary Event in February 2014 where he spoke about his decision to become an actor, the roles he’s been fortunate to have, and why he decided to change his name to get more acting work.

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