OC TV: Celebrity DJ Donna D’Cruz

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There are some people you meet whose presence consumes a room when they enter – they’re larger than life. International celebrity DJ, Donna D’Cruz is one of those people. Not because she’s a huge star in the DJ world, having spun for heavyweights like P. Diddy, Donna Karen and Valentino, but because her aura exudes positive enlightenment – a being whose greatness has been inspired by a personal inner journey.

During her appearance at ANOKHI’s 5th Annual Awards Gala in Toronto in February 2011, where she spun for the very 1st time in Canada, I had the opportunity to OPEN CHEST with her about this journey. She spoke about her perspectives on self, empowering life and connecting positively with the universe and its energy. A truly insightful woman whose multi-layered success is due in great part to the positive energy she exudes!