OCTV: Why Aliya-Jasmine Sovani Moved To LA After MTV Pt. 1


Aliya-Jasmine is an award-winning celebrity host and producer who moved to Los Angeles to work as a daily producer, writer and on-air Host at E! News Now. She also hosted Bravo‘s after-show, Last Call and Logo TV’s groundbreaking hit talk show, 1 girl 5 gays.

Prior to working in the USA, Aliya-Jasmine was a field reporter at the Discovery Channel and anchored MTV News in Canada for a decade as well as social/youth shows like IMPACT and PLAY with AJ.

In part 1 of my intimate chat with AJ during my Open Chest Los Angeles Series, she opened up about her childhood and explained how her somewhat liberated upbringing played a role in her success in pursuing a career in media. She also revealed her reason for moving to Los Angeles, which you won’t believe. Enjoy the reveal and I’ll see you next Wednesday at 1pm EST to part 2, where she talks about coming into her own identity as a woman who battled with insecurity.

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