OCTV: Shellyza Murji’s Spiritual Journey Of Dancing With A Prothesis

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Shellyza Murji is the Founder and Director of Soul Feet Dance Productions, established in January 2012. Shellyza began dancing at a young age and has been performing for over 20 years. She has been trained in Bollywood Jazz, and has a background in Khatak! Shellyza has a Master’s degree in International Social Work, focusing her research on Dance Therapy. Combining her passion and education, Shellyza created SFDP, aspiring to build more than just a dance school. SFDP is committed to nurturing an environment for our students filled with fun, education and lifelong friendships where students are a part of a bigger family and the studio is a place to call home.

Dance is close to Shellyza’s heart, as it was a foundational pillar in shaping who she is, and in turn passes that dedication, drive and desire on to her students.

In this second episode part of OPEN CHEST TV’s newly launched INSPIRATION series, Shellyza opens up to Raj Girn about her love for dance and her inspiration in creating her very own dance production company. Shellyza also candidly speaks about being born with a prosthetic arm and her experience feeling “less than” growing up to now having a mindset that helps her achieve all that her heart desires – helping others to do so at the same time.

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