“I was very excited to do my first cover story and interview with a South Asian magazine. I loved my interview with Raj and ANOKHI Magazine. Thank you for the opportunity to reach out to my global South Asian fan base!”
Kim Kardashian, Reality TV Star


“Raj is an extraordinary woman who approached me back in September (2008) so I have to say a thank you to her. She’s very genuine. It came from the truest part of the soul when she said “I believe in you and I will support you!”
Freida Pinto, Hollywood Actress


“Most of us would agree when I say that in this highly competitive world of entertainment, its hard or practically impossible to find believers or takers for what you produce, especially when you emerge from absolute obscurity. That however, I cannot claim to be entirely true to my story as I was blessed with a few people who believed in me even before I was really discovered. Raj is part of that inner circle and I treasure our friendship because of how genuine and sincere it is. She is a no-nonsense, straightforward,extremely hard working and positive individual and above all, she is rare! She is the kind of person you can respect and find admiration for quite effortlessly. I will always remember your simple but powerful words to me “Nothing is impossible”. Raj thank you for being you!”
Freida Pinto, Hollywood Actress


“You made me feel very comfortable and warm. I knew I could trust you and that my answers would not be twisted or manipulated. It was a great experience; you’re a real pro!
Mallika Sherawat, Bollywood-Hollywood Actress


“There are few people in this industry whom are as talented, charismatic, hard working and successful as Raj. Her perseverance and belief make her a unique woman who has so much to offer. My experience with her has been first class. She is warm, down to earth and welcoming. It was like being interviewed by a genuine girlfriend. I am so grateful for her continued support in all my ventures and am proud to know her.”
Nazneen Contractor, Hollywood Actress


“The world needs more inspiring women like Raj Girn. She is the kind of woman who simply brings out the best in you. Raj, thank you for our heart-warming and endearing, up close and personal interview. I had so much fun – what a laugh, NEVER a dull moment when I’m in the chair with you! Congrats on this new ‘milestone’ (as you’ve taught me) – love what OPEN CHEST is all about and represents for women of all ages!”
Karen David, Hollywood TV Actress


“Interviews and press isn’t unusual for my line of work. However, what is unusual is finding an interviewer that you connect with and who you trust opening up to. From the day I met Raj, I felt as if I had known her for some time. She was energetic, friendly, genuine and of course very dedicated to her work, making her easy to relate to and have a bond with her. Her passion for her craft is refreshing and inspiring – she has a vision and won’t settle for anything less.”
Melinda Shankar, Canadian TV Actress



“Felt like I was on Oprah! Thanks @ocwithrajgirn”
Rahul Khanna, International Actor


“I thoroughly enjoyed Raj’s interview because it was clear to me that she did her research and put a lot of thought and preparation into it, and got more out of me than just the generic questions, that are so often asked. As a result, it felt more like a wonderful in depth and free flowing conversation with a very smart friend! We covered so many aspects of my life both personal and career that I feel Raj almost effortlessly got the “real me” in this interview, which was one of my favourite yet!”
Jay Sean, Singer-Songwriter


“It’s not just a job for Raj Girn, its a mission to bring warmth and inspiration to all those around her. I felt that warmth and inspiration working with her.”
Siva Kaneshwaran, Band Member, The Wanted


“I’m so grateful to have a real interview.”
Nicole Scherzinger, Former Lead Singer, Pussy Cat Dolls


“Raj Girn is a woman of maternal substance and undeniable determination. She gives incredible attention to detail. She has worked very hard to become the epitome of success – not to mention, she’s one of the most thoughtful, caring human beings I’ve ever met. Cheers to you Raj! Thank you for creating a platform, which empowers women to speak their minds and not be afraid of their own inner power.”
Saira Mohan, International Model


“Raj Girn to me is a woman with so much charisma, positive energy and incredible warmth… I have been interviewed many times and because I’m normally the one doing the interviews I always feel I’m a little uncomfortable being on the other side, even though I am super talkative and love to have fun with interviews. This was different for me because Raj has such a beautiful aura that you can’t help but feel super close to her and comfortable and before you know it you are opening up about things you once shy’d away from telling the ‘press’ or magazines… She doesn’t make it invasive or personal, instead you want to share everything with her. That’s why i did and I felt so relieved that for the first time I got to talk about all of me with someone who even over the phone can make you feel like she’s sitting right next to you and making it fun and easy! Love your energy Raj and the love you have for your team and people in general… When you know after being around someone or talking to them over the phone that you are leaving feeling even more amazing that is a person to know and treasure… That’s the magic Raj has, and always will…”
Anusha Dandekhar, MTV India Celebrity Veejay




“I’m honoured and humbled to be invited by ANOKHI MEDIA to their 11th annual awards show. What Raj and the ANOKHI team have done in shining a spotlight on the successes of South Asians around the world is just extraordinary.”
Jimmy Soni, Former Managing Editor, Huffington Post


“Raj is an extremely rare and talented media visionary and entrepreneur. She is charming, creative, incredibly passionate and she is able to uniquely inspire others around the pioneering work she does.”
Gaurav Misra, Former Vice President Of Programming (MTV)


“Raj is one of the most dynamic, driven and passionate business owners I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her vast knowledge of the publishing world and everything South Asian makes her a leader in setting the pace for new trends and what’s hot in South Asian pop culture. Her ability to successfully introduce, promote, and market new talent and concepts makes Raj the go to for anything ‘ANOKHI’. It has been a pleasure to work with Raj and her publication and I look forward to working with her on many
new opportunities.”
Shalini Vadhera, Beauty Entrepreneur & Author of ‘Passport To Beauty’


“Raj is smart, intelligent and one of the best in the game, she is always on top of whatever she is doing. Loved working with her.”
Anjula Acharia-Bath, CEO & Co-Founder, Desi Hits Inc.


“Raj is a big picture thinker. She is an excellent communicator, a dynamic speaker and when she walks into a room, she brings life to it. Her work and innovative spirit are flawless reflections of the things that define her as a person – intelligence, passion, charisma, generosity, bold sense of humour and above all, unique. Raj motivates others to redefine conventional wisdom, not just
echo it. She is truly a global trailblazer.”
Veronica Chail, Former Producer-Host, OMNI TV’s Bollywood BLVD


“One of the most professional and respected entrepreneurs I’ve had the privilege of working with. A powerhouse and leader and a wonderful person to do business with.”
Bobby Singh Brown, Producer-Director, The Production House